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Schüco CORONA CT 70

  • a "B" class profile,

  • a 5-chamber structure,

  • the profile depth: 70 mm,

  • in the standard version: open steel 1,5 mm thick,

  • in the standard version: a blockage against handle misplacement (a turn-tilt window),

  • in the standard version: hardware equipped with two anti-burglary pins per sash,

  • possible to choose a closed steel reinforcement 1,25 or 2 mm thick,

  • a white and brown core,

  • an option to manufacture windows with a renovation frame,

  • the 2-gaskets system,

  • glazed units up to the width of 41 mm,

  • available in options with a straight or semi-flush sash,

  • possible to add Aluskins aluminium shells,

  • optional concealed hinges,

  • possible to mount a handle in the centre,

  • recommended for multi-family housing.

Schüco Corona CT 70 Classic

A modern line profile with a very good technical performance. What makes both architects and users love the Schüco Corona CT 70 windows is their visual lightness and a slim shape. Classic and economical in form, profile design gives it a timeless character.

Schüco uPVC windows - German quality

Modern technology and excellent materials ensure German quality of Schüco windows.  Energy-saving profiles reduce running costs of buildings increasing their value. Smooth outer surface of the profile made of high quality uPVC provides protection against weather conditions and allows easy maintenance. The profiles are steel reinforced ensuring stability and preventing from deformation.

Design and elegance of windows

Wide range of  colours, availability of smooth and wood-like foils and wide range of accessories allow almost endless options of windows customization. Light gray, hardly visible gaskets match well with  classic look of the window. We offer unique option of metallic colouring of uPVC windows (AutomotiveFinish).

Warm uPVC windows

Five-chamber Corona CT 70 profile shows impressive energy-saving parameters. 70-mm profile and double sealing unit made of high quality EPDM rubber provide maximum protection against wind, rain and noise.

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